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Alpine Wellness operates in accordance to compliance with state laws regarding access to cannabis.
You must be at least 21 years old, or a valid medical marijuana patient.

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This is Alpine Wellness.

We are a recreational and medical dispensary in Telluride, Colorado that sells 100% natural, soil-grown cannabis for consumers with discerning taste and high expectations.

We have rockstar prices.

1/2 OZ.
1/4 OZ.
1/8 OZ.
1/16 OZ.
( Tax Included )

We have delicious edibles.

Our kitchen at Alpine Infusions is a conscious and open environment for the creation of cannabis infused products. We prepare the finest hand crafted treats that are pleasantly potent (10mg THC), made with love and fun to enjoy. Our flagship edible the Ganjala is available throughout Colorado.

We are a family of friends.

Alpine Wellness is the longest running locally owned dispensary in Telluride, serving our friends, patients and customers since 2009. We believe in helping one another to do great things. Each of us in our own way takes an active role in our community and together we enjoy the world around us.

What is your adventure?


The individuality and attention to detail that goes into growing each plant is precise and unique.

Strong Genetics
We have grown hundreds of strains and phenotypes over the years, carefully selecting the healthiest plants that exhibit the best traits of our desired characteristics.
Natural soil enhances the  physiology of our plants, creating the perfect environment for cultivating the visual appeal, smell, taste and  texture of our strains.
Full Finish
We bring our blooming flowers to the height of their maturity to allow the weight, aroma, color and potency of our plants to fully develop in the final weeks before harvesting.
Dry Trim
After the harvest we cure our plants 7-12 days, a resting process that produces dense aromatic buds with fully developed trichomes that are then manicured by hand.


Please enjoy responsibly.